down the future road



  • no more blindness for most causes, including fully DNA-corrected "color blindness". Hi res, direct to optic nerve and brain transmissions

  • 100% accurate biometric ID system comes into world-wide use (see below). Based on neural maps generated by internalized nanomarker/nanobots with data going to close proximity external transceivers (most likely surface-mounted on forehead allowing frontal lobe transception)

  • cheap terahertz transceivers revolutionize realtime scans for medical industry/genetics/chemical engineering/dentistry/garment/etc.

  • nanobots used to invade the body/brain (passing easily through brain-blood barrier), with full mobility, communication and cell penetration/control possibilities. Neural cells mostly targeted, specifically frontal lobes and brainstem

  • no more deafness (for most causes). Full range, vestibulocochlear nerve or direct-to-neuron transmissions

  • inexpensive "brain network scan system" based on cheap terahertz transceivers, uniquely identifying frontal lobes and vascular systems in hands (and other superficial human body locations). Eliminates need for all other biometric ID systems (fingerprint, retina scans, voice prints), credit cards, driver's license, passports, etc.

  • New functional, biological body parts will be 3D printed (cartilege, skin, bone, teeth, most internal organs, most nerves, spinal cord, ligaments, eyes, (including all external parts like legs, arms, ear, nose, lips, fingers and hands, toes and feet)

  • cheap, very fast recharging, 10x more storage new batteries, in any shape, with 10K+ charge cycles
    totally electric vehicles (motorcycles, cars, trucks, airplanes, boats, tools) - with good range/endurance will completely dominate new sales

  • "free air space" (no screen), hires, full color, 3D imaging in common use

  • direct transmit (to brain), full range (20Hz<>20KHz), full-surround sound. 

  • direct transmit (to brain) full-res 3D vision, (including IR, UV, terahertz freqs and any other), using skin mounted, body-powered transceivers located on the forehead and nano-scale, (heat/biologically/chemically-powered), direct neuronally attached transceivers (nanomachines in frontal lobes and other areas)

  • market avalanche of "sex-bots" and "companion" bots

  • inexpensive solar panel/cell systems, coupled with new power storage possibilities, change world's power distribution systems/networks and world population density maps ("anywhere/anytime/any scale/any need" power). 

  • full head transplants will be partially successful, but with no long term success stories.

  • fully anthropomorphic robots, with AI magnitudes more powerful than current supercomputer sims (2015)

  • much glass replaced by transparent ceramics (like NRL's Spinel), especially in optics, underwater vehicles, space vehicles

  • fully integrated, solar/battery-powered lighting for houses, businesses and vehicles (non-LED)

  • genetic modification being tested/experimented on almost every biological organism (human, animal, plant, insect)

  • photon-based computing revolutionizes speeds, sizes and power needs

  • computer type storage system size, durability and speed become non-issues. Advances allow practically unlimited storage in minimal spaces. Same advances take advantage of photon-based computing speeds to fully utilize IoT (Internet of Things) data deluge, adding power to store and fully "mine" world data, enormously concentrating global power into the hands of a few.

  • unexpected advances in experimental power systems for space craft allow for first autonomous robotic exploration of asteroids and all planets in our solar system