down the future road



  • fully weaponized, autonomous killer robots, using greatly advanced AI, greatly enhanced battery power, greatly strengthened skeletal systems nanomaterials, ceramics/metals), full-spectral optics, full-spectral radars, full-spectral invisibility cloaks, and driven with powerful nanomaterial engineered motors
  • hundreds of Islamic cell terror attacks in USA and other nations, against common (American) citizens and elements of the (American) military
  • total Homeland Security marshal law control declared over all American states by the US government
  • danger to security causes release of autonomous bots without moral guideline restrictions governing behavior
  • rebellion of a few states and elements in the military and the resulting "civil war", is severely crushed by the new marshal law gov, with hundreds of thousands/millions killed
  • limited nuclear exchange WITHIN THE USA between new gov and resisting elements occurs. Washington DC destroyed, but new gov protected in safe location
  • final complete US gov take over by the new federal power and declaration of a single federally controlled state with a non-elected head (Amerika)
  • total repression/destruction of Christianity and the resulting "disappearance" of most leadership, pastors and strong believers
  • flight by millions of former citizens/Christians to other nations (with many rejected by other nations from fear of the new Amerika gov) or alignment with Amerika gov. Much suffering and death
  • complete US government control over all aspects of civilian life, with a body-attached national ID system obligatory for every man, woman and child (most probably neural net IDs)
  • forced disarmament of all citizens with death penalty for dissenters
  • forced gov education for all children and youth
  • forced automation of all public and private transportation/shipping (to enhance "security" and control/repress rebellion) only gov approved "autonomous vehicles" allowed
  • all news services and internet totally controlled by new gov. Hacking/private transmission/communication = death penalty
  • much collapse of food/medical/sanitation/power services due to forced gov takeover
  • total gov control over farming and remaining food/water using IoT sensoring
  • collapse of the United States as world power and total turning against of Israel by US gov
  • Russia's return as world military power, especially in the Middle Eastern theater
  • Chinese economic collapse causes internal war and death of 1/3 of population. China moves heavily into Middle East, Africa/South America looking for natural resources and food
  • first "human MARS trip" is abandoned due to global conflict on earth